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fishnet ass

Hi Sexy Friends!!!

I wrote the most amazing blog entry ever…then accidentally deleted(Can you relate???)…grrrr….it explained my new clicking on everything addiction (clickity click) that led to my reading vs blogging craze…and how researching sex adventures to experience/evaluate leads to adult events then inevitably, to adult work….endless QUANTUM ADULT info!!!! SO OVERWHELMING to a new blogger looking for adult adventures simultaneously!!

To validate my ramblings, I mentioned a new blog “IWANTOTRYPHONESEXLADIES” right here in WP!!:) And although I have never been a PSO(see I learned their lingo!! clickity click!!:)) I feel as though I have researched/reviewed so many sites/blogs/links etc…that I could likely compose a novel!!(just did then deleted!! Omg!!! green monster mad about!!!) I have reviewed endless adult data & always leads to adult work so I may just start an ADULT BIZ!!! How’s that for ADVENTURE??? SMILE:) per TEDTALKS (more clicks :)) You can PLAY & get pay!!! SEXY WORLD!!!! :)

Also, IF YOU ARE THE GIRL LOOKING FOR PSO HELP, you can email me and I will share all the PSO info I discovered.  KRAZY overmuch info!!!! On Niteflirt.com, I noticed there is a girl that will inform you of everything Niteflirt at her per minute price, if that is the platform you choose.  Again, I’m not a PSO(was searching for one to call :) , albeit I will share what I found free of charge(Eme) :) WAY TOO MUCH INFO FOR TONIGHT!!! :)

My posted pic today is the last of the crappy webcam shots so KISS IT GBYE ;) heehee…I purchased a new camera and can’t wait to start shooting sexy things!! YAAAAAAY!!!! And on that note, today I also landed on a site re(drumroll…) Fetish Con to be held in Tampa, FL August 15th-18th….with a “meet & greet” with the webcam girls and adult models to be held at the Hilton prior to the event…Here’s the link: http://www.fetishcon.com/schedule_Party.php….I know very little re Fetishes & am SO EXCITED to PLAY!!! ANYONE WANA GO WITH??? EMAIL ME :) I intend to attend and take lots of HD photos :) I’m sure interacting with all the sexy girls/guys will be VERY ADVENTEROUS!!! SUPERNOVA HOT!!!

I did attend an EXTRAORDINARILY SEXY ADVENTURE since my last blog, however, need my beauty sleep, so sexy people, you will have to stop back to read all about the ADULT PLAYGROUND I visited….yummy :)




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boob2Hi Hot & Sexy Friends!!

So, this is my first Nude(almost) pic…webcam quality(crappy)(&100% sober), but you get the idea…I’ve had implants forever…(& love them!!) Some people absolutely loathe implants, however, the friends I have that do have them, ALL LOVE THEM(instantly snap pics & send me when they get!!!)-assumedly bc I’ve had them, as stated: FOREVER :)…like I’m the implant expert..SO ADORABLE :)

O YIKES!! Maybe I am!! Making myself smile!! I’ve had more girls want to feel them…Note to self: Definitely  blog about the boob touching over the years…
Honestly though, I have never had a friend say they regretted getting implants or complained of a serious medical issue/complication, etc…& albeit I’m often judged for having them, id still repeat the process…bc they make ME HAPPY :)
Think I’m guna post pics of my gfs implants also…heehee…just need to ask them…don’t wana lose my real girls bc of their fake girls :)
Of course, I may just have a contest re tits in the very near future….so…hmmmm….definitely getting more daring…BEWARE :)

I REALIZE the Internet is inundated with pics of SEX, TITS, ASS & BEYOND(& YES we’ll get to as much as I can humanly explore ;) YAAAAAAY!!!..FYI :just a completely different animal when its your own TNA :) *IF you don’t believe me, send me your nude pics to post* :)**

When I hook up w a PRO photographer, & maybe add alcohol…I will instantly become uninhibited kitten :) FEEL FREE 2 join me!!!!

Vanilla Kisses!!

ps…mine are silicone & so are all my gfs…topic for another day:) STAY SEXXXY!!!!

BE SEXY WITH ME!!!!!!!! :)


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Hi Sexy Friends!!! As you can see, I can be extremely sweet and goofy!! I’m learning to be a little sexier daily with the webcam…who knows? Nude soon!!??!! Thanks for viewing & being patient! Please send me any sexy pics you’d like to share and i’d luv to post for ya!! or send links & I will post….idk protocols exactly…you can see i’m BLONDE :) And lately very PINK!! I’m usually a BLACK LINGERIE/FISHNET/STOCKINGS/ETC type girl…

If you’d like to reach me, just click the VANILLAKITTEN in upper left…yes, I will learn how to manipulate this blogging EVENTUALLY!! BIG SMILE!! :) & go to the “BE SEXY W ME” page…then u can email me “privately” & explain blogging, talk sexy, CONTEST IDEAS:)  whatever :) I am also willing to follow all suggested blogs…so SUGGEST YOURS!! :)

After I master the blogging skills, you’ll see my not-so vanilla side!!! Stay Tuned! :)



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